The Emerging Europe Alliance for Business Services, Innovation and Technology is a membership organisation whose ultimate aim is to foster innovation and creativity across emerging Europe. We seek to promote the collective strength of talent, technology and service capability of the wider region whilst at the same time facilitating each country in showcasing their unique value proposition.

We see the region amongst the most developed parts of the world and we strive to build prosperous and progressive economies. However, we also recognise that the region cannot achieve this considerable landmark if the individual countries continue to work in silos. In our experience, buyers and investors will typically look at the capabilities of a broader region first before drilling down into country, city and then vendor selection. It is our sincere belief that by harnessing the many skills and talents, innovation and ambitions of the countries comprising the region, and giving them a unified voice to the world, we will significantly strengthen the value proposition of the broader region, and catapult it to the front and centre of the global stage.

Our mission is to
• create an engaged, energised and active ecosystem of innovative business services, technology and IT companies, start-ups, venture capital funds, service providers, buyers, locations and investors from within and beyond emerging Europe.
• positively influence, change and reinforce market perception of emerging European innovation and technology capability
• promote the entire region as a formidable digital service hub for the future
• support the region as it builds future generations of leaders in a digitally enabled world
• positively influence international policy makers and academia
• recognise, acknowledge and celebrate the best and most innovative technology providers that the region has to offer, and showcase them on a global stage.

Critically, the Alliance does not seek to replace or diminish the role of international or country-specific organisations. In fact, we recognise and commend the high value support these organisations provide for their respective communities. The purpose of the Alliance is to complement the hard work these organisations carry out, elevating the most positive attributes into a wholly aligned, and considerably stronger, value proposition at a macro level.

Membership benefits

At the Alliance, we strive to think differently. Our membership benefits are designed to put you in control so that you get exactly what you want out of your association with us.

We have a general flat-rate annual membership fee of £2,000 – except for start-ups and certain classes of institutions where the fee is just £200.

  • We will immediately give your full membership fee straight back to you in credits that can be allocated to training, marketing, events or other activities throughout the year via the Alliance, Emerging Europe or our partner affiliates.
  • You will also receive a pass to the Sourcing in Emerging Europe conference in Copenhagen on 24 October, worth £995. (This offer is limited to a small number of passes and is available on a first-come-first-served basis.)
  • You can select up to three Chapters, or areas of specific interest, to be kept informed about or to actively participate in.
  • You can participate in -and benefit from- region-wide surveys and industry or specialist research, and help shape the future direction of the Alliance.
  • If you are travelling to London you can access office space in our offices within London’s Square Mile, or even book out a room and host your client meeting there.
  • You will be able to attend up to two premium Webinars for free.
  • You will have access to the Alliance smartphone and desktop App, and stay up to date with topics of interest and new events on the calendar. Our open channel communication allows you to freely network and collaborate, set up your own groups and discover new partnerships from across the region.
  • Your Company will be listed on our Member’s Register, a publicly searchable database.
  • You will contribute to the Alliance Foundation and leave a legacy to youth development.


Member organisations can select up to three Chapters, or areas of specific interest, from the list below. The Alliance will add your contact details to the Chapter community database and keep you informed of activities and events relating to that Chapter.

Alternatively, you can be more actively involved by registering your interest for the Working Party. A Working Party is an international sub-group that will collaborate to achieve a specific desired outcome as part of the Alliance’s Manifesto.

Research and Development

Europe 2020 has set a target of 3% of GDP for R&D spending but is currently plateauing at 2.03%, with northern and western Europe the main benefactors. This Chapter will look at how best to provide a stimulus to public and private sector investment in R&D across the region.

Skills, Talent, Inclusion and Diversity

There are Diversity Charters in 19 European countries, of which there are 6 from emerging Europe. This Chapter will actively encourage organisations to commit to inclusion and diversity, as well as tackle demographic challenges such as brain drain and ageing, plus create and implement programmes for attracting more talent to the region.

Foreign Investment

Foreign direct investment is an important catalyst for the economic changes in transition economies offering countries within the region external resources, technology, management, and access to foreign markets. This Chapter will look to create a roadmap for the Alliance to leverage in order to improve the propensity for increased capital flows into the region.

International Trade

Global political instability, economic volatility, Brexit and widening protectionism, in general, are all threats to international trade, however, arguably the emerging Europe region is very well positioned to take advantage of such fluctuations. This Chapter will create a host of PCRs (Points of Compelling Reasons) plus a detailed Plan for Execution by the Alliance to aggressively promote the region to global markets.

Cybersecurity and Defence

Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly common and pervasive. This Chapter will draw on the opportunity for the region’s foremost innovators and tech organisations to showcase their resilience and strength in being able to prevent and respond to such attacks.

Communications, Infrastructure and Data Centres

Emerging Europe is an area of strategic importance not only for the West but it also plays a key role in linking the European and Asian markets to help promote cooperation between the European Union and China. This Chapter will examine and create a take-to-market playbook that showcases the vision and trends of the region’s efforts to improve these critical areas, as well as act as a stimulus for further investment in this critical area.

Policy, Legal, Environment and Compliance

Doing business across multiple emerging Europe countries can be a legislative headache. This Chapter will look at how best the Alliance can help buyers and investors navigate the complexity of doing business cross border, as well as identify areas where we should seek to influence a change in order to effect a positive outcome that will further promote the region.

IoT, AI, Automation, Cloud and Data Analytics

Industry 4.0 is the single biggest economic revolution in modern times, and we are only just beginning to understand the opportunities and challenges that this will bring. This Chapter will look to understand and playback those opportunities through a regional lens, so as to position the region’s capability as the number one digital hub rivalling Silicon Valley itself.

Digital Transformation and Services

Parts of the region have deep domain experience in areas such as Fintech and Proptech, others have similar expertise in coding, web development, mobile etc. This Chapter will look at how the Alliance can best connect these areas and promote the sharing of knowledge and experience, plus new collaborations and partnerships that will further strengthen the region’s value proposition in this area.

Financing Innovation and Creativity

This Chapter is about creating a thriving ecosystem that identifies, engages and nurtures innovation and creativity across the region through practical programmes of assistance in areas such as training, mentoring, financing, incubating and accelerating new ideas, products and solutions that will create the future.

Key contacts

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Chief Strategist
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